Rediscover high-density EEG

High-density electroencephalography (HD-EEG) is a powerful tool for studying neuronal brain dynamics in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and clinical neurology.


The product come with a large number of electrodes, providing precise spatial and improved temporal resolution of neural activity. Whilethe benefits of HD-EEG are evident, some challenges, such as longer setup, subject preparation times, as well as a lack of flexibility, remain. 

At ANT Neuro, we have tackled these challenges head-on to make HD-EEG recordings as easy as possible. Our state-of-the-art EEG amplifiers, EEG caps and net solutions offer an unparalleled combination of ease-of-use, flexibility and superior signal quality.

Let our HD-EEG products empower you to unlock new frontiers of knowledge and make groundbreaking discoveries.

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